We offer top-quality hospitality for you to enjoy a beautiful scenery of the Hakata Bay Area.
We also serve original French cuisine prepared by chef from Nishitetsu Grand Hotel.
You’ll be surprised if you are expecting a casual boat ride.
As you are boarding on a boat like a hotel floating on the sea.
Please enjoy excellent food and relaxation that you cannot experience in any other place.
We will offer a special time on the marine restaurant, Mariera.

  • Fukuoka Tower
  • Hakata Pier
  • A Panoramic View of the Momochi Area
  • Sunset
  • Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome
  • Nokonoshima Island

Information on Ship Interior

  • Upper Deck(1F)
  • Promenade Deck(2F)
  • Flying Deck(3F)

PrimevereMaximum Capacity 128guests

Entrance & Shop

VioletteMaximum Capacity 72guests

OrchideeMaximum Capacity 16guests

IrisMaximum Capacity 24guests

Flying Deck